It’s not often you get more than you paid for but if you own a Sensibo Sky you’ve just had a brilliant feature added – Climate React

Your ultimate personalised comfort Zone
The new Climate React feature allows users to remove any extremes of a rooms climate that they don’t want. For example, in winter you can set your air conditioner to come on and heat to 20°C if the temperature drops below your pre-set limit, in summer you might trigger your air conditioner to turn on and cool to 23°C if the room temperature rises above 30°C

More than temperature
Temperature is only one of the components of a comfortable climate, Climate React can also be triggered by the user’s room humidity preference. In tropical regions of Australia, this is the comfort everyone is looking for. Again, for example, you could set a Climate React trigger point of 75% humidity and action your air conditioner to start in ‘Dry’ mode rather than cooling mode.

How are you really i-Feeling?
As usual, Sensibo goes one step smarter and have added a combination of temperature and humidity; they call this setting ‘I feel’ because this is really what we humans really do sense from our climate. Take a 27°C night where the humidity is 40%; you feel a little warm but reasonably comfortable, to us humans it feels like 26°C, now take the same 27°C night at 95% humidity and it feels like 34°C and probably time to turn your air conditioner on, oh wait, you already set your Sensibo Climate React to start cooling if the i-Feel got above 30°C. Enjoy your night’s sleep.

Yes, indoor pets love Sensibo’s Climate React but what room temperature is right for a cat or dog? Looking at energy saving and veterinary advice around the web, the consensus is that pets tolerate cold better (yep, fur coats!) and heat better (resting & panting). In summer a room temperature around 25.5°C is ideal and in winter 20°C is comfortable. As explained above humidity plays a big part in comfort and is just as relevant to our furry friends, if these are factors in your climate use i-feel to control the climate.

Possibilities and uses

Providing creature comfort is a great benefit of Climate React, outside of that there are hundreds of other uses for a controlled environment from protecting valuable electronic items from extreme hot or cold conditions to preserving indoor plants. Whatever your application, the Sensibo Sky WiFi air conditioning controller just go a whole lot smarter.