Sensibo Elements Three Pack

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Sensibo Elements App screen

Sensibo Elements App screen

Sensibo Elements monitors the air quality in your house and informs you of any harmful components such as CO2, TVOC, large particles and Ethanol. It also tracks temperature and humidity. Breathe new life into your home with the Sensibo Elements indoor air quality monitor.

This is a package with 3 units.

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Reduce Headaches, Increase Focus & Breathe Safer Air.

Detect harmful airborne contaminants in your air & protect your family from the effects of breathing dangerous gasses, dust, wildfire smoke & allergens


Can cause headaches,
fatigue & loss of focus.


Causes unpleasant odors,
skin irritation, nausea & dizziness


Unhealthy large particles:
eg., dust, pollen & smoke



Found in household products,
can cause respiratory irritation


Track your home's temperature
& ensure a comfortable climate


High humidity levels can result
in sickness & mold growth


Sensibo Elements in Action

Frequently Asked Questions

The Sensibo Elements air quality tester is capable of tracking the following airborne pollutants;
CO₂ can induce headaches, fatigue & loss of focus
Dust or PM2.5 can cause eye, nose, throat & lung irritation, shortness of breath, coughing & sneezing
Found in many household cleaners exposure can result in nausea, dizziness, fatigue, headaches & irritation
Too much exposure can induce coughing, shortness of breath, headaches, drowsiness & nausea
Extreme high or low temperatures can be harmful to children, elders, pets and plants.
Like temperature, high humidity can be extremely uncomfortable and if let unchecked can result in mold growth.
Air Quality
Get a live aggregate air quality reading - the Elements calculates a total air quality score based on a number of factors so that you can understand the overall quality of your air.

The Sensibo Elements indoor air quality monitor lets you view the pollution levels in your home from your phone, anywhere, anytime. View live pollution levels, historical graphs & get notified when pollution levels reach dangerous levels.
Our home’s are designed to be airtight, while this is necessary to keep us protected from bad weather and outdoor pollution, this means we are trapped inside with a number of indoor pollutants.

These pollutants are caused by a number of everyday household activities that cause harmful pollution. Even the byproduct of breathing in enclosed areas releases CO₂ which can cause harmful health effects. Cleaning products, fresh coats of paint & even scented candles release TVOC’s and Ethanol that can be harmful.

Beyond giving you peace of mind, the Sensibo Elements offers you a range of health benefits through alerting you to common indoor pollutants. Indoor air quality testers are becoming an exceedingly necessary home appliance as they will help you understand what is going on in your home and how you can improve your air quality to protect you and your family
While life without an air quality tester may seem like no big deal, the potential harm caused by extended exposure to indoor air pollution can be dangerous to your health. With the exception of smoke, air pollution is largely invisible, the Sensibo Elements helps you see what is in your air through our user friendly app.
While there are many indoor air quality monitors on the market, the Sensibo Elements boasts a highly rated mobile app, a smart pollution sensitive LED light that changes color when your air quality is poor and the ability to track 6 different pollutants. Our app provides hourly data, and extended historical views as well as live alerts when pollution levels are reaching dangerous levels.

Sensibo Pureboost is our patented technology that connects all Sensibo devices together. When you have the Sensibo Elements air quality monitor and the Sensibo Pure air purifier, Pureboost will allow your Elements to activate your Pure’s high fan when pollution is detected. Combine this with our AC controllers (Sky/Air/Air PRO) and when pollution is sensed, the AC fan will activate to help circulate more air through the room.

Taken as a whole, Pureboost creates a multi-sensor ecosystem that allows Sensibo's on-board AI to take control of your indoor air quality. If those suffering from allergies, Pureboost allows you to customize your sensitivity settings, so Pureboost can activate before your immune system. You'll see the difference in no time!  

Feature Reviews


Mark | Miami, Florida, USA

Works exceptionally well!!

Great device to see the air quality in the home. Gives me piece of mind understanding what is happening in the air in the house"


David | Oxenford, QLD Australia

Excellent Results!!

Easy to use and very accurate from my assessments. Easy light indicator, notifications are great and the app interface is easy to use and understand. I’m very pleased with the purchase and very happy with the range of the sensors, especially when I’m living in a location that can be very humid at times.

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